“452 Mothers Died At Childbirth in Gambia”-Women Life Matters

According to Mballing Cham of “Gambia Women Life Matters” from August 2020 to August 2022, Four Hundred and Fifty Two (452) women lost their lives given birth in the Gambian hospitals.”This is terrible women dying in Childbirth like this what’s wrong with the Gambian midwifery system. The health system needs a good shake up,” the Women’s right activist stated in a Facebook post.

It could be recall that on 2nd January 2021, trumpet Newspaper published an article titled “Gambia’s Maternal Mortality Rate is Scary as 7 Mothers Died in 2 Weeks

In the wake of this worrying trend, “Gambian Women Life Matters”, a movement initiated in the wake of the rise in maternal and infant mortality held a press conference on Wednesday 30th December 2020, to draw the attention of authorities to the recent mortality.

They have highlighted some remedies that supposed to be in place at all labour units of the country’s hospitals and demanded that:

Provision of adequate financing of the health sector.

Adequate supply of drugs and blood.

Provision of standard healthcare services in all regions.

Improve transport and communication networks.

Establish a joint commission to regulate and monitor all activities of private and public health centres or hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies in providing safety, effective and quality healthcare.

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