April 24. Betrayed!, The Republic is in Decay

Characterized by despicable disregard of values, rules & standards.

Perpetrated by both State and Society.

Flouting every tenet of the religion they proclaim.

Breaking every article of the Constitution.

(Madi Jobarteh)

Breaking laws left, right and center.

Violating every right & dignity of citizens.

Without fear or shame!

Today is Independence Day. April 24.

Soiled with infamy.

Corrupted beyond redemption.

53 years of decadence!

53 years of plunder of public resources.

53 years of Shameless Dependence.

Development by Projects & Charity.

53 years of unethical political leadership.

Leading by excuses and blame game.

Pointing fingers at everyone and everything except themselves.

Refusing to take responsibility.

Aided & abetted by decadent officials.

Wielding power without conscience.

Weaponizing laws & institutions against citizens.

Insulting our dignity & intelligence daily for 53 years.

Yet condoned by the Citizens… for 53 years.

A naïve and indifferent citizen with no regard for self-esteem.

With a political class notorious for division & deception.

A civil society scared of standing up for their conviction.

A disinterested media, except for a tiny few, refusing to hold the people in power accountable.

A private sector of greed & selfishness, with no regard for the future.

Dishonesty & Hypocrisy are the national mantra.

Injustice informs our decisions.

Corruption guides our actions.

‘Never Again’ slapped and betrayed!

66+ innocent children perish.

Securiport daylight robbery.

Plunder of COVID funds.

Banjul road project pillage.

Robbing millions of the national reserve to hand over to unidentified scumbags.

35 million dalasi pilfered.

Rampant wastage of public funds by SOEs.

Nawec. SSHFC. Gamtel. Gamcel. GPA. GNPC. GCAA. GIA. Etc.

Millions more squandered at GamPetroleum.

Creating and awarding illegal contracts just to plunder.

Ignoring and castigating the Auditor General’s Report.

Selective and discriminatory ‘war’ on Corruption.

When State House and the Ministries are the very cesspool of corruption, illegality, and criminality.

The State has become the predator.

Violating, breaking, plundering, abusing.

Covering up their shitty mess.

Destroying the lives and futures of the people.

With impunity.

The more they shout the name of God & Country the more they expose their shamelessness, unpatriotism & vanity!

A nation in self-destruction mode.

A people who fail and disgrace themselves daily.

Betraying the nation only to prove the skeptics right.

That indeed The Gambia is an improbable nation.

Opportunities squandered in broad daylight.

Potentials wasted.

Promises broken without fear or shame.

Resources bastardized with impunity.

Independence hijacked & polluted for 53 years.

A nation betraying herself.

Despite the abundance of resources, opportunities & potentials.

A beautifully well-endowed land.

A people closely interrelated by ethnicity, culture, religion, and history.

Yet divided by politicians and public officials for ill-gotten power, wealth and privilege.

When shall the Citizens wake up to defend the Republic!

April 24. Betrayed!

Madi Jobarteh

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