Yaya Jammeh Wants General Tamba Dead

Jammeh decorating Tamba to Lt. Gen.

By: Fabakary B. Ceesay

Trumpet Newspaper has reliably learnt from credible sources close to former President Yaya Jammeh, that he has on several occasions wanted to kill his former Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Lieutenant General Lang Tombong Tamba. Sources indicated that he wanted to use the Courts to send Tamba to the gallows, when that fails he used his killer squadron to assassinate him that also failed.

According to our sources the reason Jammeh used his kangaroo Courts and mercenary Judges to convict Tamba to death was a ploy to have him killed for reasons best known to him. Sources added that Jammeh’s plan to kill Tamba fail when the Supreme Court overturned his death conviction to life imprisonment.

Not yet satisfied, shortly after Tamba was released from prison in July 2015, Jammeh ordered his killers (Jungullers) to assassinate him.

Our sources indicated that on the night of the plan murder, one of the assassinators Micheal Jatta aborted the mission and informed General Tamba about the plans to have him killed.

General Tamba confirmed to the Trumpet that he was informed by several people that the August 2012 execution of 9 Mile II inmates, was meant for him but Jammeh could not killed him at the time due to his unfinished Court appeals. He said upon his release from Prison in July 2015, he was warned by several loved ones to either leave the country or risked been assassinated. He added that he was also informed by one of the Jungullers who claimed to be part of the assassination team that plans were been hatched to kill him.

However Tamba added that he fears nothing because he has never killed or participated in the killing of any Gambian and no amount of intimidation can warrant him to leave his country. He also said at no point in time did he conspire with anyone to harm Yaya Jammeh. Tamba added that he could not tell why his former Commander In Chief Yaya Jammeh wanted him dead. But he believes it could be out of jealous for his fame in town and outside the country. He said he believes Jammeh was jealous of his fame within the Gambian people.



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