Breaking News: Ex-Lt. Landing Sanneh Dismisses 2000 Coup Allegation

Ex- Lieutenant Landing Sanneh
Late Lt. Manneh

Ex-Lieutenant Landing Sanneh the one-time Commander at State House who was arrested, tried by Court Martial and sentenced to 16 years in prison, has refuted allegations that he and his Ordinance and Logistic Commander late Lieutenant Almamo Manneh, have plotted to overthrow the former government of Yahya Jammeh back in January 2000.

Sanneh described the allegation against him and Almamo Manneh as baseless and unfounded fabrications by his enemies who do not want to see him around Jammeh and others who were eyeing his position.

Born in Kangwally Village, Foni Bondali, a graduate of Armitage High School and joined The Gambia National Army first intake in 1984 under the British Army Training Team (BATT). Mr. Sanneh rose through the ranks until in 1996 when he was appointed as the State House Commander up to 14 January 2000.

According to Lt. Sanneh, there was no point in time did he and Almamo Manneh had discussed any coup plot with Ousman Sonko to overthrow Yahya Jammeh from power. He said it was a fallacy for one to believe in that story, adding that even Jammeh himself never believe in that allegation against him and Almamo. He indicated that his arrest and the deliberate killing of Almamo Manneh was instigated by certain individuals ( names withheld) that has personal agenda and motives in trying to get closer to Yahya Jammeh so as to mislead him for their personal interest.

Sanneh further stated that his work at State House also includes in safeguarding the integrity of president Jammeh and the presidential seat. He added that his arrest and incarceration has nothing to do with any coup plot but to get rid of him from State House and to enable certain selfish and power hungry individuals to achieve their ulterior motives. He alleged that those people had succeeded in destroying Yahya Jammeh as a president and as a person. He added that Jammeh was completely misguided and mislead after he Sanneh was removal from State House.

He further stated that the killing of Corporal Momodou Dumbuya also a guard at State House has nothing to do with his case. He added that the case of Dumbuya happened two weeks after his (Sanneh’s) arrest and the killing of Almamo.

Corporal Dumbuya was killed behind Albert Market in Banjul in broad day light. Shortly before he was killed by fellow State House Soldiers, he was seen been chased into the market and subsequently gunned down minutes later.


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