ANEKED files petition against released junglers


African Network against Extrajudicial Killings and Enforced Disappearances has filed a petition to the Ministry of Justice, demanding the return of released junglers to military custody, with the has tag JUNGLERS2JUSTICE.

It could be recalled that on 10th August 2019, four members of Yahya Jammeh’s death squad called the junglers were released from custody, on the recommendation of the Minister of Justice, Abubacarr B. Tambedou.

Sira Ndow, from ANEKED speaking at a press held at Bungalow Beach Hotel said the main objective is to amplify the voices of victims, in their quest for justice. She further added that, the released of these four Junglers is an affront to their confidentiality to the legal justice system in the country.

She said their network, is with the rational that the released of these self-confessed killers to be defacto amnesty and fails to address the right to justice of victims. ‘’We, the undersigned, hereby request that these officers be re-arrested and returned to custody of the Military to be permanently confined to the barracks to await the recommendation of the TRRC’’ she said.

Kafu Bayo, President Gambia Victims Association blames the Government for their lack of non-corporation, whilst further urging them to speed up their efforts for the delivery of Justice. ‘’What we are seeing right now is that, the Government is inconsiderate to the system, and we definitely lacks confidence about the justice system in this country’’.


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