Tribute To Dr. Mama (Afrika), Allili AFI

Late Allili Afi
Musu, Faksy, Allili in West Coast Studio
Allili with baby Lilly

Born and raised in Jamaica, moved to the United Kingdom as a teen where she devoted all her time working for the betterment of humanity and Afrikans in general. She answered to the call of Marcus Mossiah Garvey for Afrikans in the diaspora to look onto Mother Afrika as salvation lies within. She brought to the Afrikan soil the message and ideals of Garvey, when she completely migrated back to Afrika.

She did not only migrate to Afrika just to enjoy the beautiful beaches and natures, she invested all her wealth and energy for the advancement of Afrika. Her development driven agenda and desire love for Afrikans did not only stop within the Greater Banjul area, but across the North Bank of the country. She initiated community based horticultural projects for local women in the Niumes.

Mama Allili Afi was 79, when she answered to the call of nature and joined our ancestors on Friday 23rd July at Dakar, Senegal after a short illness.

Allili was a great believe of Women power, and wanted to empower all Afrikan women.

I first meet Dr. Allili Afi at my office in December 2005, when she wrote a play (poem) about “life of a bumster” of which she wanted to launch and needed a publication.

From that day, we were bounded together from a Pan- Afrikan ideology and it grow to family level. We live together in the same house, a bond born out of love for Afrika and Afrikans.

She took me under her arms like a son, indeed an ideological son. She was a mother, an aunt and a granny to me.

We attended several Pan-Afrikans functions, social, cultural and traditional gatherings together. Our weekly West Coast Radio talk show, “Rice and Peas” with co-host Musufing kando was so a great achievement for spreading the message of Marcus Garvey and kwame Nkrumah.

Allili Afi offered selfless services to several educational institutes in the Gambia such as the University of Gambia, Fojanga Nursery School and Abraxas Training and Development Centre. She was also a volunteer at the Bijilo Medical Centre where my daughter her namesake was born right in her hands.

Through Mama Allili, I met several great Pan- Afrikan personalities and Afrikans from the diaspora. In a nutshell, she uplifts me to higher heights among the Pan Afrikan community both at home and abroad.

Even when I left for exile she took my family under her wings and gave them all the support of a granny.

The best of honour I could bestow onto this great Queen of Afrika was to name my first child after her “Allili Afi Ceesay”

I am sure deep in my heart that our ancestors will welcome her body, soul and spirit in high esteem.

As Bob Marley said, “One Right morning when i man work is over man shall fly away home”.

This was our last conservation, she told me Faksy, “i don’t think i be here with you for long now. I can hear the ancestors calling”.

The Management of Trumpet Newspaper and the Ceesay family and the Pan- Afrikan Congress Movement in the Gambia, will continue to mourn the life of this great Afrikan tree that provided shade for all, an Afrikan library that stores knowledge and wisdom for her offspring, a dear Mother, aunt and granny, till eternity.

Funeral and burial arrangements are on preparation.

Rest in Peace Mama Allili.

Fabakary B. Ceesay

Your Afrikan son



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