Our Children’s Future Depends on our Education System- Mr. Lamin Fatajo

Mr. Lamin Fatajo

The Regional Education Director (RED) for West Coast Region reaffirmed that the future of our children depend on our education system and giving those (children) support should be everybody’s concern.

Mr. Lamin Fatajo made these remarks in an exclusive interview at his Brikama office recently where he talks about the monitoring system, functional structure among other issues in his region.

“I am encouraging everyone to take education as their business because parents, teachers and administrators all have a role to play in our education system,” says Fatajo.

“If you want to determine the future of any country, to go to their education system, behavior, zeal for learning among others will determine what the country future would be tomorrow.”Fatajo said

He explained that when children are at home, it is not the responsibility of the teacher to take care of them but the parent, adding that parent responsibility is fundamental to the education of their children.

“Eventually, the role of parents when it comes to their children’s education is pivotal so we cannot deter parents from our educational system.” Fatajo emphasized. He said, it is the responsibility of the teachers also to deliver when children are under their custody at school, likewise it is also the duty of the administrators to give support to those teachers in order for them to get the right teaching materials and knowledge they need.

The region two director appealed to parents to take the lead in the education of their children thus will lead them to prepare and support them (children) to become viable and responsible leaders in the future.

Commenting on the his region’s monitoring system, Mr. Fatajo said monitoring is among the key component of his office’s functional operations. Adding that for his region, two teams went on monitoring at Upper Basic school level to see the arrangement, supervision, and invigilation among others of the just ended 2021 Gambia Basic Education Certificate Examination (GABECE).

“The main purpose of the said monitoring at Upper Basic School level in this region was to get the general ideas as to what is happening at schools,” he said.

According to Fatajo, his office satisfied with the level of preparations ahead of the GABECE and he also expressed his utmost satisfaction with the turn-out of students during this year’s National Assessment Test (NAT) in his region.

The Regional Education Director revealed that his Region will close schools in August 13th 2021 in order to recover the lost school contact hours due to the  Covid-19 pandemic.

He assured of putting in place similar monitoring mechanism come next month West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) to make sure things go well.

By Lamin B. Darboe

Information Officer, MoBSE







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